In France, it is not mandatory for foreigners to open a bank account, but it is an essential part of the settlement process for newcomers. Indeed, many everyday operations depend on it: registering for social security, collecting your salary, paying your taxes, paying your bills (rent, electricity, etc.).



European Union citizens can provide bank statements from their home country’s bank without having to open a resident account in France.


Non European

You can open a bank account as a resident or non-resident depending on your situation and the length of your stay.

To open a bank account in France, you must provide the following documents :

  • Proof of identity: passport, visa or residence permit
  • Proof of address: rent receipt, bill, accommodation certificate
  • A signature deposit


In practice, some banks are reluctant to open accounts for foreign nationals, but you can use banks that offer bank accounts to non-residents.

We can assist you in all your dealings with banks to facilitate your integration in France.